The Beginning of the End

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Wishing emojis on the computer were a thing because introductions without them are soooo 2009. Anyway, I don’t know what brought you here but i both apologize and welcome you to the world of “Lilly.” The whole point of this is to:

1) look super mysterious in coffee shops

(Currently: Intellegista Coffee, Abbot Kinney)

(Currently: Intellegista Coffee, Abbot Kinney)

2) become a worldwide mystery in this not so worldwide blogging community.

3) possibly get free shit from clothing brands…..thanks but no thanks, MateFit Tea.

Sorry, little tangent (get used to them). In all seriousness, I thought this would be a really fun alias to take on. I’m studying journalism and sometimes need a break from the curated posts about so-and-so’s new project. A while back a friend told me that I have a very distinct voice so I thought I might as well give this writing thing a try….without anyone knowing. By anyone, I mean everyone, no friends, family members, professors, etc. Sidenote: Rolling Stone or Nylon if you’re reading you’re an exception so holla if you wanna. All comments, suggestions about posts, questions, and random bullshit that you can’t say in the real world is welcome. This is the life of Los Angeles Lilly.


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